Сообщество помощи бездомным животным

Прекратив борьбу с очевидным, обнаруживаешь, что ничего не понимал в жизни.

Принц, не придумано аркана,
Чтоб задержать мгновений бег.
К чему ж крушиться непрестанно:
"Где ныне прошлогодний снег?"
Франсуа Вийон
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Хозяйка Медной горы
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Anime/MangaCity Hunter
The Living Yurei: Reunion Is Her Salvation
By: ThatOCLady
[Sequel to Beyond Mokkori: Hypnotic Revelations] A woman they never knew existed, enters Ryo and Kaori's life to change their past as they know it. Unable to believe, the City Hunter duo struggles to find the truth and in turn, help their client. Is their love strong enough to survive another storm? Warning: OC is a main character. Rated T for sexual themes and language.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 46 - Words: 150,789 - Reviews: 115 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 5/26/2014 - Published: 7/13/2013 - Status: Complete - id: 9488820
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Feedback: neha borkar – Thank you for your review! Don't insult my husband though, ya hear me? :
ScriptAngel – Aww, stahp it, you. :3 Thank you for your review, my sweet! :D
Kayura Yukishiro – Thank you for your review! You have no idea how glad I am that the readers like Saki's character. Thank you very much. ^_^

Theme: Earth from the City Hunter album – this song has been composed for and played in our beloved show City Hunter in season 2. It somehow captures the effect Hideyuki's sudden kiss has on Saki. :3

Disclaimer: I do not own City Hunter or its characters, nor do I own any of the songs I mention here.

Saki: Like A Wild Animal In Heat

This is really happening. Something I have been fantasizing about for years is happening. And it is so sudden. I am not complaining though.
With some effort, I close my eyes and kiss Hideyuki back; kiss him, like, really KISS HIM. He told me he loves me and now we are kissing each other. I love him too and swear to God, I love this.
We pull back a little after what seems an hour. My eyes are still closed since my face and pretty much everything feels hot. The rain is pouring down on us in fat drops though. Oh. My umbrella flew away, I guess. When I open my eyes, I see Hideyuki looking at me in anticipation. He must be waiting for me to respond to his confession.
I am trying to speak. I want to say something, anything! But all I can do right now is gape at him with my jaw quivering terribly. And he's looking straight into my eyes... making me even more nervous. I whisper,
He kisses me again! His hand slides down from my face and stops short on my waist. This feels way too good than I had imagined.
"Mm!", I moan without intending to when his hold on my hips tightens as he presses me against himself.
His mouth is opening mine and both of his hands are fondling my hips, groping them. Nothing has ever felt like this. So good, so... complete.
He pulls away and I gasp, as if wrenched out of a dream. I can still feel his lips on mine. We are both panting by now, but he seems in control of himself when he says,
"We-we should get out of here"
We will, honey, if I am able to move again.
To my disappointment, he retracts his hands from my waist and pulls off his trench coat with them. He then puts it around my shoulders and his arm over it, saying,
"Let's go"
But I cannot move. All my strength right now is concentrated on keeping me on my feet. And I am shivering awfully.
He seems to have noticed that I am sort of frozen. He shakes me a little by the shoulder. God, I am pathetic.
"Are you ok... damn. We need to get you out of here first. Don't mind"
Reaching under my thighs, Hideyuki lifts me off the ground in one full sweep. If I weren't semi-paralysed, I would have giggled like a freak. He sprints towards the park exit with me in his arms. For someone carrying a hundred pounds in his arms, he sure is fast. Very agile. And a bloody good kisser. Not like I have been kissed before, but surely, there can't be a better way to kiss someone, right? I mean, it felt that terrific.

My entire body is throbbing when Hideyuki puts me in the front seat of his car. He closes the door with an odd clank and takes the driver's seat. I hope we are going to have sex after this... because my clothes are wet and they would feel nice to be torn off of me.
"Let's heat you up"
I believe I am already heated up enough. Like a wild animal in heat.
Hideyuki starts rubbing my shoulders through the coat he put around me. He rubs my arm with his palm, asking over and over,
"Are you feeling cold? Are you feeling better? How do you feel?"
Horny – that's what I feel.
On getting no comprehendible response from me, he jump starts the car and his hand against the gear lightly brushes my thigh. Looks like he has already found a turn-on spot on me.
"There is a diner one block away from here. You could have some soup or some coffee. You will feel better when something hot is inside you"
Yes. Yes, I will. I might feel even better if that something hot comes from you. Or out of you.

I have finished considering all the possible sex-scenarios in this situation when the car stops outside a diner. It must be the one he was talking about. I watch him through the noisy wipers while he walks over to open the door to my side. What happens most of the times is that Hideyuki extends his hand forward and waits for me to place mine in his. But this time, he takes my left hand without asking in the most casual manner possible. He puts his hand above my head, creeps his other arm around my torso from the front, and lugs me along.
The diner is warm and welcoming when we enter. A radio is playing Elvis Presley's 'Burning Love' on the counter top. I do feel better when we pass the heater and occupy the table closest to it.
"How are you feeling?", he sits next to me and starts stroking my arms.
Fantastic. Fabulous. World class. Maybe he should take his coat off of me and knead skin against skin.
I have my head drooped as I inhale the masculine fragrance of him in the coat when a waitress comes over,
"Afternoon. Your lunch order?"
"Do you have any soups for starters?", Hideyuki asks.
"We have a chicken soup ready and tomato soup will be..."
"Please bring the chicken soup as soon as possible. We will place the rest of the order later. She has a fever"
I have a fever? That explains the numbing hot sensations in my almost wet head.
"Excuse me", Hideyuki calls for the waitress again, "Is there any chance you have a spare towel here?"
She takes a moment before smiling,
"I will get you one"
The cashier says something to her as she passes by and goes inside, reappearing with a towel. She hands it to Hideyuki who says,
"Thank you very much"
I feel stirred when he gently pats the towel against my wet hair. He is doing it with so much care that one would think he was handling an atom bomb. His lips are just above my ear when he says,
"Do you feel better?"
Was it the unintended sensuous whisper, the warmth of the heater and the beige coat or my own resolve, I don't know, but it feels awkward when I rustle the hair on his forehead. He looks at me in surprise as I keep doing what I am doing. His glasses have small droplets on them just sprinkled from his hair.
"Your hair is wet too"
"It's nothing", he smiles and puts the towel on the table. He wipes his glasses clean with a kerchief. Shiny.
"Achoo!", I sneeze loud enough to wake up the neighbourhood, "Sorry. Excuse me"
"Here", he hands me his kerchief when I am checking the skirt pocket for mine.
Crap. I must have left it in the purse. And the purse is in the car. Well, I would rather not sniff throughout the afternoon.
"Thank you", I take the kerchief and blow my nose against it, making minimum noise. Never blow your mucus out in a tutti when someone is right next to you.
Hideyuki puts the towel on my shoulders and observes me,
"How do you feel now?"
"Better. Thank y-achoo!"
"Come here", he snakes his arm around my shoulders once again and towel-dries my hair with his free hand. Chances are that I will be pregnant by the time this ends.

Soon, the sweet waitress comes over with a big bowl of soup and puts it on the table,
"Here you go. Let me know if you need something else"
"Of course. Thank you", Hideyuki says.
Why didn't she bring him a bowl as well? What's he going to eat? He could always have me if he wanted. I stare at the garnish on the thick soup and see a spoon being dipped into it,
"What about..."
"Open wide", he brings the spoon to my mouth.
I look up to see him smiling at me, while his arm holds my shivering self together. He blows thrice at the spoon and pours the soup in my mouth. The warmth flows through, and I nestle closer to him. He is just too sweet.
"Aw, look at the couple over there. The guy is literally spoon feeding her!"
That came from the two girls at the table diagonal to ours. They are staring at us in marvel. So are many others in the diner. I blush when the comment repeats itself in my mind and say,
"I will eat it myself"
"But your hands are trembling", he says.
"But if you keep doing this...", I look around, "...people will think we are in love"
They will just keep staring!
"Are we not?", his simper is replaced with a pitiful frown.
Oh Buddha. He puts the spoon down and his hand is moving away from my shoulder. No!
"That's not what I meant", I pull his arm around me again and look up at him.
His owl-eyes are above my face, waiting. I smile gratefully because we really are in love,
"I do love you. But everyone is staring"
He looks quite relieved to hear me say that. He bows his head a little,
"Thank you. And..."
He casts an impish glance at everyone around us and licks his lips when his eyes are on my face again. Dear God.
"Let them stare"
"Oh my god! He's kissing her!"

After the wolf whistles have vanished and we have stopped smooching, Hideyuki leans back against his chair while I cover my face with both hands. He kissed me in front of everyone! And he did it on purpose! How I am not supposed to blush?!
"That was hot", the waitress comes over with two mugs of coffee, "Coffee is on the house"
She winks at me when I look up again and leaves. This is just so... I don't even know what.
The cream in my coffee is holding a tumbler of milk for me. He doesn't look flustered at all.
"No, thanks", I look away, "Why did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Kiss me in front of everyone?"
And drive me crazy with the tip of his tongue playing at my lips.
"You kissed me back"
"I did. I am not saying that I didn't...", I am looking for the proper word, "That I didn't..."
"Approve", I frown at him, "I-I am not saying that I didn't approve of it but it's so not like you to kiss someone in public. I always thought you were more of the 'under the mistletoe' person"
He gives me a sweet smile which melts all of my hesitation. He says,
"I don't wish to sound arrogant but, I have found that it's hard for me to contain myself when you are around"
That sentence alone could give me an orgasm in a more intimate setting. Yet he said it with so much affection like he was talking about his favourite candy.
"You don't mind this, do you?"
"No-no", I shake my head, "I don't mind... this"
"That's comforting", he sips his coffee, "May I ask you for something else?"
"Yes. Of course"
"Could we drop the honorifics? We have known each other for years now"
That would be most comforting. I smile and nod,
"I would like that"
"Me too"
"But", I muse, "It is going to be difficult to refer to you without any formal titles"
"Why?", he sets the mug down.
I grin,
"Because your very presence commands respect. You always act so composed and...", I add in a whisper, "...contorted"
"Your shoulders. They are always hunched and it seems that you carry the weight of the world on them which you do. They need a good massage. Were I your masseuse, I would take some hot oil and work in both directions on your shoulders, working every nerve to relax the tension in them. Then..."
"You want to massage my shoulders?"
Well... I... I was saying that... that... why does he have to stare at me when I am embarrassed?
"I never said that", I murmur and steal a glance at him.
He is smiling at the coffee in front of him. More like trying not to grin at the effect he has on me.
"What would you like to have for lunch?", he asks. And I am glad he changed the topic.
"Anything is fine by me"
"Excuse me?", Hideyuki calls and the waitress walks over again from another table, "What do you have for specials?"
"Today, we have Creamy Tomato Soup for starters, American-style Spaghetti with meat balls for the main course and we have Green Tea ice-cream for dessert"
"The spaghetti, please"
"On it", she leaves.

We kept mum throughout the lunch – me, because it was delicious; Hideyuki, because he was busy staring at me. It's quite fascinating that a simple kiss can change a million things between two people. Three kisses, to be correct.
My name sounds better when he says it without a kun. I finish the last morsel in my plate and look at him. His plate is already clean.
"I am sorry", says he.
"For what?"
"For abandoning you in the park"
It was not that big of an issue. I didn't even realise when three hours passed while I was reading.
"You did not abandon me"
"I forgot that you were waiting for me"
"It happens"
"I am very sorry"
"Don't be", I say in a cheerful tone, "It's okay"
"I want to make it up to you"
"You already did that by taking care of me this last hour"
He gives me a regretful smile,
"It's not enough"
"To me, it is"
"Because Hideyuki Makimura carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and if I can't ease that load, I might as well not add to it"
I mean what I said. That is the reason why I never ask Hideyuki to do something or chivvy him into something he might not be comfortable with. His face lights up with the most blissful smile I have ever seen and he says,
"You are not a load"
"Yes. Hence, I plan on not being one in the future"
I beam at him in triumph as we get up and walk towards the counter. He smells so fresh. He is two feet away from me though. What do I smell?
Then I realise that I am still wearing his coat. I take it off and hold it gingerly on my forearm while Hideyuki pays the bill. So this is why he left my purse in the car.
"If my Sidda gets a fever now onwards", the cashier grins and points to our waitress, "I will plant a big one on her like you did on your missus here. She doesn't look so cold anymore, eh?"
Where is a shame hole when you need one? This is embarrassing.
Hideyuki smiles and leaves extra money on the counter despite the reluctance of the cashier. I wave at Sidda before leaving and she waves back. Nice people.

"Right here"
Hideyuki stops the car outside the station. He holds the door open for me while I grab my purse and get out. My hair is such a mess at the moment.
"Should I walk you inside?", he asks, eyeing me top to toe.
"Kenji takes a train here sometimes when he visits his friend in the main town. He might spot us if he is here"
He nods and closes the door. He says,
I turn around and start walking towards the station. He always waits till I am out of sight. I can feel his presence behind me. What a lovely day today was. And that kiss...
My mouth is shamelessly watering at the thought of those three kisses. It would be nice if I could get another one. He wouldn't mind, right?
So I turn around again.
He is standing near the car. His tall form in that white shirt is quite inviting. Crispy white shirt. Putting my heart before my head, I run forth and wrap my arms around him. He doesn't say anything, just holds me tighter than ever. My forehead is touching his chin when I move apart, our arms still around each other. Nothing in the world can compare to this feeling.
"I love you, Hideyuki Makimura", I say simply.
He says,
"And I love you, future Mrs. Makimura"
We kiss. It's just a warm, peaceful yet flirty peck at start. I want more though. So I do what he did to me in the diner. But as soon as the kiss becomes more intense, he pulls back. I stare at him, unaware why he would do


Хозяйка Медной горы
Это грустное чувство, когда начинает просыпаться внутренний Джекилл...

@темы: Работа


Хозяйка Медной горы
11.12.2017 в 00:22
Пишет Антихрист с сицилийским акцентом:

Время удивительных историй, песен, плясок и фоточек! Подписывайтесь на телеграм о весёлой и жуткой сторонах Италии.

Телеграм - идеальный формат для интровертов и социофобов, потому что читать интересный тебе канал можно, а комментировать нельзя (и никто не заставляет), да и в статистике никаких имён и ников не отображается, только количество просмотров. Штука, просто созданная для обитателей дайри.

Конечно, странно просить об этом асоциалов и интровертов )), да и если ты не котик, ищущий человеческую семью, на дайри репоста вряд ли дождёшься, но я буду очень рада, если вы репостнете этот пост здесь или как-то ещё поделитесь ссылкой.

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Кто бы сомневался

Хозяйка Медной горы
В оригинале (в любом из встреченных; да, вот так))) - рифма, в переводе на современный - какой-то подстрочник, а душа же просит. Правда, она попросила ещё и монолог... Вот оно, тлетворное благотворное влияние поэзии.

@музыка: Джекилл и Хайд. Фасад


Хозяйка Медной горы
Это был не совсем транспортный день, но всё обошлось. Хотя смотреть, как проверяют соседний вагон, всё равно не слишком располагает к безмятежности, особенно когда ещё немного - и время начнёт поджимать.

@темы: Будни


Хозяйка Медной горы
Ещё в школе пыталась прочитать одну книгу, но те несчастные страниц тридцать ближе к концу (потому что последние, кажется, двадцать или двадцать пять я осилила, но это не помогло) до сих пор остались непрочитанными. В памяти, кстати, ничего особо не задержалось. Позже были попытки начать с начала, то есть взять первую (а не третью!) часть и вот с неё-то... что ж, они закончились даже бесславнее. Сейчас предпринимаю очередной штурм (и пока, тьфу-тьфу! дело движется), но в процессе сам собой нарисовался вопрос, который в некоторой степени пояснил, почему же была такая ерунда с чтением. Возраст персонажей, в годах, в поведении и в моём восприятии. Вот у Сенкевича упоминались шестнадцатилетние каштеляны, в наше время в таком возрасте заканчивают школу, то есть вроде как нынешние со своими гаджетами помладше получаются. Там же этим парнишкам (одному так точно, как почти сразу же огорошила меня несокращённая версия) и девчонкам лет шестидесяти или около того так и хочется отвесить подзатыльники. Взрослые люди, как же. Нет, потом - возможно, но пока... пока не их вижу.
Апд. Несчастные страниц тридцать, сказала я? Да как я вообще сумела тогда зайти так далеко...
запись создана: 16.11.2017 в 01:43

@темы: Мысли вслух, Книги


Хозяйка Медной горы
14.11.2017 в 11:37
Пишет AnnetCat:

Это прекрасно: eilin-o-connor.livejournal.com/155683.html
Настолько, что целиком несу сюда)

Ванины сказки

URL записи

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"Убийство в Восточном экспрессе"

Хозяйка Медной горы
Знаете, скорее да, чем нет. По крайней мере, визуальная и музыкальная части очень на уровне, что не удивительно. Как и не удивительно то, что вопрос, считать ли имя режиссёра спойлером? :) Так что о проведённом времени я нисколько не пожалела.

@темы: Отзывы, Кино


Хозяйка Медной горы
А ведь я собиралась немного почистить дневник - и чем же занялась в итоге? Повздыхав, что сразу в пристойном виде искомое находиться не желает, призвала на помощь опыт добывания конвертированием. Получилось вроде симпатично.


А ведь и правда - 100

Хозяйка Медной горы

@темы: История


Хозяйка Медной горы
01.11.2017 в 03:14
Пишет Йеннифэр_Миледи:

Репост! Репост!
А вот тут умный человек создал каталожек, пока мы собираем контакты :evil:

01.11.2017 в 01:38
Пишет Katherine Shep.:

Посмотрев на все эти пляски и побегав на волосах в сборах драгоценных контактов в Избранном, я пришла к выводу, что хорошо бы иметь каталог, в который можно будет внести свой ник и адрес дневника и хотя бы парочку контактов с других ресурсов, чтоб нам всем взаимно не потеряться.

Более, того, каталог нужен ещё и потому, что на других ресурсах мы можем быть под другими никами, и найти нас там будет невозможно. А когда Дайри рухнет, что-то делать будет уже поздно.

Посему я создала систему, которая может решить эту проблему (ладно, Гугл там где-то рядом постоял). Скорее всего, со временем я разделю каталог на несколько частей, чтобы избежать подвисания таблицы/ваших компьютеров и телефонов от объёма данных. И да поможет моему компьютеру... что-нибудь :lol:


1. Оставляем свои ник/адрес дневника и контакты здесь:

2. Если нам нужно кого-то найти, идём сюда и ищем по нику/адресу дневника, как в самом обычном Экселе:

Нет, я не ФСБ и мне эти ваши данные даром не нужны. Скорее всего, я ещё пожалею, что в это ввязалась. Но в любом случае, хотелось бы хоть что-то спасти, потому что в то, что Дайри выплывет в этот раз, я, к сожалению, не верю.


P.S: Поле для электронной почты не оставляю сознательно - хоть это и, по моему мнению, самый долговечный способ связи, не буду давать возможность спам-ботам использовать ваши электронные адреса.

P.P.S: Наполнение каталога будет расти в геометрической прогрессии, и если вдруг опрос не будет давать вам возможности отвечать - значит, я временно его закрыла для разделения массива данных.

URL записи

URL записи

@темы: дневники


Хозяйка Медной горы
Вот так домой приходишь, а у тебя в Избранном больше половины постов на одну и ту же тему. Если действительно прикроют, будет грустно (всё-таки больше 11 лет здесь обитаю, свыклась-привыкла и так далее), но припомнить другие места не помешает.

@темы: дневники


Хозяйка Медной горы
Ой, а какое времяпрепровождение мне предстоит... Надеюсь, что удастся хотя бы часть уладить, иначе будет совсем весело. Хотя скучать не придётся в любом случае.
Апд. И уже сегодня пошли первые цветочки. Кроме того, закономерно опасаюсь продолжения банкета.
Апд. 2. Я и так собиралась на "Убийство...", но теперь на него попросту помчусь. Вряд ли убийцей или организатором окажется сам Пуаро (хотя в определённой мере это так)) только откуда там Пилар??? или она к Ли едет? , но точно должно быть приятно глазу. Да и смысла больше.
запись создана: 18.10.2017 в 19:34

@настроение: клювокрыльное

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Хозяйка Медной горы
Пока разыскивала одну информацию, набрела попутно на другую. Посмотрела на эту попутную и содрогнулась оценила масштаб. И ведь не чужие, родные, можно сказать, хотя и ругаемые нещадно.

@темы: Мысли вслух



Хозяйка Медной горы
Вот оно, моё натворительство. :)

ЗЫ. А вот так оно выглядит в обрамлённом виде (не прошло и трёх лет, ага):

запись создана: 05.04.2014 в 23:27

@темы: Творчество


Хозяйка Медной горы
Мне кажется, или дневники действительно стали уже? :hmm:

@темы: дневники


Хозяйка Медной горы
Конечно, в центре можно перейти с одной ветки на другую и оказаться если не там, где нужно, то хотя бы рядом, но когда вторая пересадка подряд тебе говорит "нет", желание попытать счастья на третьей исчезает достаточно быстро.

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Хозяйка Медной горы
Цветочное королевство
«Цветочное королевство» на Яндекс.Фотках
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Хозяйка Медной горы

Хозяйка Медной горы
Когда уже отопление на работе дадут, а... Ну не люблю я печки: к концу дня от них начинает болеть голова. Но и мерзнуть не хочется, и в духоте сидеть тоже...

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